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create a quit smoking plan as unique as yourself

Welcome to a breakthrough program that designs a custom quit plan, provides the daily support you need and adapts to your life. Pretty smart, huh?

  • inspiration

    During tough moments, access a personal photo, message or video at the touch of a button.

  • quit plan

    Get personal daily updates designed to keep you on track with your custom quit plan.

  • wellness tracker

    Stay motivated by learning how your body heals and health improves every day you're on the plan.

  • milestones

    Keep track of important quit smoking milestones, like total days smoke-free, benchmarks, special dates and plan achievements.

  • expert advice

    Get expert articles, advice and helpful tips recommended for where you are in your quit plan, from day one until you're done.

  • savings

    See how much you save by quitting based on where you live and how much you smoked.

  • craving reminder

    Posts to your timeline keep the quit journey on schedule and remind you when it's time to use your stop smoking aid. Over time, they automatically step down your plan.

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Getting Started

What does it really take to quit smoking for good? Most people think it’s willpower. Chances are what was working against you was not a lack of willpower. Quit by Design customizes your quit plan with the daily support you need, whenever and wherever you need it. No two quitters are the same, so no two quit smoking plans are the same.

Developed by the experts in quitting smoking, once registered you’ll receive a personalized timeline that automatically updates throughout your quit journey with information specific to you. It’s there to help you succeed one day at a time, every step of the way.

It’s what you’ve been missing because it’s been designed just for you.

Why Stop Smoking Aids Work

Once you stop smoking, nicotine can be completely out of your body in just a few days. But the addiction doesn't just vanish. There are receptors in your brain that respond to certain substances in cigarettes. Once you stop smoking, the receptors aren’t getting the nicotine they are used to.

With Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), you substitute another source of nicotine for your cigarettes. The substitute nicotine might come in the form of a patch you apply to your skin, like NicoDerm CQ, which provides a 24-hour dose of nicotine. Or you could use products you take consistently throughout the day, like Nicorette Lozenges or Nicorette Gum. No matter which form, each of these products provides nicotine to help relieve the cravings and withdrawal symptoms that can derail even the most determined quitter. Using nicotine replacement therapy helps you focus on breaking your habits.

Is Nicotine Replacement Therapy safe?

Nicotine is the part of cigarette smoke that makes it addictive. But it’s the tar, carbon monoxide and other irritants in cigarettes that cause health dangers. Because these stop smoking aids help you quit, they actually reduce the risk of tobacco-related cancers.